Electrical Panel Upgrades

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You rely on your electrical panel to power your modern appliances, electronics and lighting. If your panel is having trouble meeting the demands of your lifestyle, it may be time for an upgrade. You can turn to Quality Electric for help. We have 40 years of experience completing electrical panel upgrades in Dover, NJ and surrounding areas.

Our team will do what it takes to increase the safety and efficiency of your system. We can even install new equipment and repair faulty wiring. Contact us today to start planning your electrical panel upgrade.

Top signs you need a new electrical panel

Quality Electric can provide electrical panel replacement services in the Dover, NJ area. You should consider getting a new panel if:

  • Your breakers keep tripping
  • Your lights are dimming or flickering
  • You smell burning odors or hear buzzing sounds
  • You recently added new outlets to your living space

We can help you make a smart and well-informed decision for your home or building. Call us now to arrange for electrical panel replacement services.