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At the company’s inception, the primary focus of electrical work at Quality Electric was centered around residential electrical work, including single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings. All phases of electrical work, inclusive of low voltage telephone and cable installation, were undertaken. The customer base grew by word of mouth and Quality Electric’s marketing efforts directed towards town developers, builders, and through Dodge report publication.

During the same decade, the projects undertaken by Quality Electric were primarily residential-based, including large additions, single-family homes, multi-family buildings, small office spaces, and various other projects. Quality Electric, established in the summer of 1980, faced initial challenges, with marketing being less elaborate and sophisticated compared to today. Despite limited initial marketing budgets, Quality Electric rapidly gained traction, and word of mouth became the preferred marketing tool.

Within this decade, Quality Electric expanded its projects to include large additions, single-family homes, multi-family buildings, small office spaces, and other endeavors. Building relationships with builders and General Contractors, Quality Electric achieved a breakthrough in 1988 by securing its first commercial project, the Madison Hotel Atrium building in Madison, NJ. This marked the beginning of larger and more complex projects for the company.

Quality Electric’s success was not solely measured by gross income but by the approach it took to achieve its goals. The company focused on personnel and had multiple licensed Electrical contractors for the state of New Jersey. Key personnel, with significant tenure since 1994, 2002, 2007, and 2010, played essential roles in day-to-day operations, managing projects, interacting with customers, and ensuring successful project completion.

The projects undertaken by Quality Electric varied from $200 to 4.5 Million, covering the entire state of New Jersey. The diverse types of personnel at Quality Electric enabled the company to find niches in each service segment offered, evaluating employees to fit the right project with the right individual, accentuating their strengths. The company’s ability to engage in related fields such as Fire Alarm, Security, CCTV, Recovery Generator power, and other areas showcased its adaptability and potential for further growth in the technologically advanced world. As Quality Electric emphasized to its staff, while computers may replace many jobs, the fundamental tasks of building structures, wiring equipment, and servicing equipment can never be replaced.

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We specialize in Multi-Family electrical, Commercial, Generators, EV Chargers, Security Cameras, Alarms, Fiber Optics. We are the one stop electrical shop!
Interior of a luxurious shopping mall with a circular skylight in Morris County, NJ.
In the commercial hubs of Dover, NJ, an electrician provides essential services, maintaining the seamless operation of electrical systems.

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